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A Safe Place to Go When Home Is Not Safe

Welcome to Tralee Crisis Center. This is a safe, temporary residence for victims of family violence and sexual assault/abuse. During your stay at the shelter, staff persons will be here 24 hours a day. All of us are willing to talk with you about your situation, feelings, and plans. We will also assist you in making changes in your life if it is your wish.

Length of Stay

Your maximum length of stay is determined on an individual basis and will be reviewed periodically, but is typically two weeks to 30 days.


Soon after you arrive at the shelter you will need to consider some basic options regarding your future plans:

  • Decide to make a permanent break with your abusing partner, and make plans for independent living.
  • Put off making permanent decisions about your relationship and make plans for temporary living arrangement when your length of stay at the shelter has expired.
  • Decide to return to your home and make plans for doing so as constructively as possible.

Our staff will counsel with you to help you make choices and will assist in putting these choices into action.

Services and Programs

Soon after you arrive at the shelter, a staff person from the center will work out a Service Plan with you, which will show the kinds of services you need – legal, medical, financial, etc. – as well as seeing that you get these services. Also, if clothing is needed for you and/or your family, staff will advise you of the availability of clothing through the shelter’s clothing rooms or through a Resale Store voucher.

Your Service Plan will also include self-sufficiency skill training, individual and group counseling, and some recreational activities. It is part of Tralee Crisis Center’s mission to empower you to self-sufficiency regardless of the choice you make for your future.

The Service Plan will be part of your record folder. The staff person will keep in close contact with you throughout your stay at the shelter and make sure you get the services that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my children?
Yes, we have youth beds. cribs, high chairs, indoor and outdoor child play areas. We are not a licensed child residential center, so you will need to supervise your children at all times or make arrangements for a sitter.

Can family / friends visit me there?
For the safety of all residents, the shelter is in a location that must remain confidential. The shelter manager will help you find safe ways to be in contact with family and friends.

Do I need to bring food or supplies?
The shelter keeps food and supplies on hand for residents to use. You can prepare your meals in the kitchen. There is also a laundry room with a washer and dryer and laundry supplies.

Must I share a room with someone I don’t know?
Each resident / family has a private room. Residents share the two bathrooms, the kitchen and the laundry area.

Can I bring my own vehicle?
Tralee Crisis Center has a secure parking area for resident vehicles. We have a van to transport residents and their children who do not have a vehicle.